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Get to know me


With over seven years as a Civil Marriage Celebrant I have had the honour of uniting incredible couples and spending time with amazing families as they celebrated meaningful naming ceremonies for their children.

I am a professional, vibrant young woman that loves life, people, sharing positivity, joy and creating happiness.

With over twenty years experience in partnering with clients and suppliers , I bring a professional, well-managed approach to creating your special day.

As an accomplished key note speaker,  business leader trainer, lecturer for over 20 years. I have an instinctive delivery style in deliver to suit all.

My experience as a, creative writer, freelance journalist and the ability to deliver feeling in through my words, ensures the ceremonies are prepared with a heartfelt appreciation for celebrating life’s very precious moments.

Allow me to take you on a journey of capturing your special day as you envisioned it.

The day you planned is the day I help bring to life.

Give me a call to connect and start the conversation!

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